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Iron Golem Sues Black Iron Tarkus over knee injuries.

The famed hero of Sen’s Fortress has been sued for 20 million souls by the Iron Golem for reported injuries and damages to the Iron Golem’s Knees. The Iron Golem has been confined to a wheelchair after multiple fights with Tarkus has impaired his ability to walk.

"He just kept hitting my knees until they gave out!" said the Iron Golem. "Tarkus is going to pay for what he’s done to me."

Tarkus has denied responsibility for the Iron Golem’s injuries stating it was the fault of the grenade throwing giant nearby. The Giant was asked to comment, but quickly bombed our field reporter. A nearby merchant across the broken bridge in Sen’s Fortress wants to be used as a witness for this case, but nobody knows or cares who he is. The merchant was left muttering gibberish to himself.

The Merchant Continued to Pout.

Hey, that’s the guy that I earned all my sunlight medals off of! :D

So tonight was terrible.

Got screamed at in front of customers by my boss for the store being a wreck (which, a) it always is during back to school and b) wasn’t my department last night), and then mocked for being upset about it.

…I need a new job.  Desperately.

An Open Letter to a Ghost

To Her, who for so long commanded my trust,

Stay out of my dreams, out of the periphery of my tired and aching heart. You came like a storm into my life and filled it with light and sound, but you destroyed everything you illumined, and left fallow those who called for your rain.

We trusted you.  We tended your garden, held your hand through your hardest times, we sacrificed to pave a bridge to that place of delight, where for a moment north and south met in harmonious accord.

We fought to save you from your dark places.  We saw your suffering and it broke our hearts.  We would have done anything to set you free from your iron cage.  

You bit the hand.  You strung the noose.

I asked too much of you, I always did.  But you changed.  You became what you never should have been.  The love that burned in you is cinders now, judgment of others your newfound cause.  

You are not yourself.  The one we loved is dead and gone

Buried, perhaps, by our own hands, but slain by yours.  I mourn for her, even now.

But I owe you nothing, Ghost Girl, with your eyes like candles.  Leave my heart, and let me tend this gaping wound.  Let me suffer alone, far from the visions of us, as we used to be.  

I would have given the world to keep you by my side.


I only wish I’d never known you at all.

Perhaps the most damaging feature, the root cause of the rot in the heart of patriarchic society, is the irrational fear men have of emasculation.  

What does that term even mean?  How is it that in the face of all the tragedies that befall mankind, his worst nightmare is being equated to a woman?


I cringe when I read or hear the word “saved” as an equivalent to salvation.

Oh look, a flimsy pretext for metaphysics!

I’ve taken issue with this idea of being “saved” for a while now, mostly because it misses the idea of salvation in general.

The main issue with the phrase “i’m saved” is that it inhabits the past tense. It’s a completed action.  This stems, typically, from the protestant belief that salvation is a gift, given once, and valid forever.  And while in a sense that is true, it leads to many unfortunate implications, i.e. the notion that, once saved, a person is no longer accountable for their sins.

To examine further, the idea of “saved” implies that it has already occurred, but one cannot be “saved” until the danger actually presents itself.  Hell is that from which we are saved, but Hell is not reached (technically) until our judgment.  Therefore, we can only be “saved” at our judgment.  

I will, personally, defer here to the words of the good bishop Kallistos Ware on the matter.  Salvation is a process, a continual action towards purification.  Better, he says, to say “I am -being- saved.”

Here’s his speech on the matter:

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